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MEGALO PAPIGKO ZAGORIA, Greece - watch the video!

Papingo (Greek: Πάπιγκο, also transcribed as Papigko, Papigo) is one of the Zagori region villages (Zagorohoria), located in the Vikos–Aoös National Park, Epirus, Greece.

Papingo actually consists of ...
two villages: Megalo Papingo (Greek: Μεγάλο Πάπιγκο) and Mikro Papingo (Greek: Μικρό Πάπιγκο), big and small Papingo. The only access road for cars first takes you to Megalo Papingo and a kilometre further to Mikro Papingo.

The area and the neighbouring Vikos Gorge, the largest canyon in Greece and (disputably) in all of Europe[citation needed], attracts many hikers and mountaineers from around the world. The village of Papingo proper is surrounded by snowcapped mountains (in winter) and also has provisions for lodging as well as tavernas serving up traditional Greek food, coffee, and spirits.

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