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KASTELORIZO ISLAND, Greece - watch the video!

Kastellorizo, the only settlement of the island, is both the harbor and the capital of the island. It consists of the districts Pigadia, Horafia and lastly Mandraki (small picturesque port). The picturesqueness of the scenery upon ...

arrival on the island, cannot be easily described. The painted in impressive colours two and three story renovated mansions with their wooden staircases and balconies, make it unrivalled in beauty amongst other islands. The town has been proclaimed preserved and it offers the visitor the beauty of an idyllic landscape and the nostalgia of a past glory.

In past times the capital, which is also the port of the island, wasKatellorizo island: Kastellorizo information - Kastellorizo holidays - Dodecanese, Greece the most important geophysical gift of Kastellorizo, since due to its geophysical position it was a trade crossroad between Europe, the Middle East and Egypt. It was only natural that it generated an important amount of economic and nautical trade which explains the noble air about the island that reflect its past glory and prosperity.

On the island there are no buses - just one taxi! Car and motorcycle circulation is prohibited and you will cover all distances on foot. The well-preserved foot paths are ideal for long walks. You will swim on Faros, Plakes, Mandraki and the beaches of the islets of Ro, Aghios Georgios and Strogilli.
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