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KOH TAO, Thailand - watch the video

Koh Tao is unique in many ways and not just because it offers the best scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand. Conveniently small, with a real international community, truly great cuisine at reasonable prices, fantastic night life, exciting activities and stunning vistas, Koh Tao really is full of ...
surprises! No matter what you are looking for whilst on holiday or traveling you can probably find it on this delightful island.

The island boasts about 30 different dive sites all pretty close by, with the furthest away being Hin Bai (Sail rock). Check out the variety on offer with the dive sites maps and their proximity to the island. And don't forget that you just never know what surprises you may find beneath the surface around Turtle Island!

Different people have different ideas of their perfect beach. For some the pebbles of Brighton are bliss, for others the wind swept sand dunes of south west France is a delight. Koh Tao beaches tend towards the populist view of paradise. Imagine fine white sand, under an azure sky, the clear warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand lapping at the beach. A line of coconut trees provide welcome shade from a strong sun. A beach bar built from the same trees and roofed with banana tree leaves serves beer cold enough to chill even the uptight. Sound good? Read on for the lowdown on all the beaches....
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