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Europe, Serbia - Watch the video

Serbia is a lovely country, open for tourism all year round. During summer tourists love spending their time in Belgrade and enjoy the nature of many national parks throughout the country.
In winter, tourists are warmly welcomed to ...
mountain resorts (one of the most popular being Kopaonik [featured on BBC as one of the best ski destinations in Europe]). There are also many spa resorts such as Sokobanja, Niška Banja and Vrnjačka Banja.

Serbs are warm people, especially towards tourists. Most Serbs speak some English (seniors, however, are more likely to speak German and/or French), so you will be able to find your way around by asking directions. Most tourists come to Serbia in the summer and you can often hear German, Italian, French and English in the streets of Belgrade, while Slovenian tourists pour for New Year holidays.
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