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Nederland, Amsterdam -Watch the video

There are miles and miles of canals to cruise around. 
Hundreds of narrow streets to wander. More than 7,000 historic buildings to see. 
About 65 Islands connected by almost countless little bridges. 

The list of things to see and...experience is as long and varied as your individual interests and desires. 
At least 60 museums of all types to visit. 
Visit the diamond cutters, piano restorers, numerous antique dealers and auction houses - watch the craftsmen practice their trades. 

Observe the young and talented "New world" Craftsmen, working carefully to restore a 17th century "Old world" canal house to it's original beauty, as they practice generations-old skills. 

It's just simply a beautiful City to visit and live in. 

Our home, and you are welcome to enjoy it all with us and we are honored to show you around.

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