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North America, Caribbean - Watch the Video

Many Caribbean islands offer a diversity of landscapes in a small area. The Caribbean is fairly free of diseases and pests, and European and North American visitors can speak their own language.

The common languages that European and North American tourists can speak in the Caribbean are English, French, Dutch, or Spanish.

When a tourist travels to the Caribbean, ...
they experience pristine coral reefs with tropical fish, fruit stands displaying colourful papaya and mangos, people playing golf beneath the blue skies, sailboats skimming over azure blue waters, and couples walking hand in hand on the beach at sunset.

Many governments in the Caribbean welcomed tourists with open arms because it was thought that tourism would boost their economies. Caribbean islands now depend on tourism for their economy, often being referred to as “the engine of their growth”.

Tourism has also benefited farmers, fishermen, and merchants because they must grow and supply more fish, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and fruit to feed the large number of visitors. These individuals will be making money off their supplies.

Tourism is a huge contributor to the economies of all caribbean countries and the biggest contributor to many of them such as Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.
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