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Thailand, Khao Lak & Phangna Bay - Watch the video

Khao Lak is situated in the middle of the west coast of the Phang Nga district and is one of the best placed starting points for tours & excursions around this environment.

To Phuket town about 130 km, Ranong (frontier to Burma) 180 km, Phang Nga Bay about 70 km, Krabi about 170 km, Khao Sok 70 km, Cheow Lan Lake about 105 km, Surathani about 140 km.

The district of Phang Nga is one of the...
greenest district in Thailand, about 60% of the district is farm land, the rest is still original primary forest (tropical rain forest). The farm land can be found normally in the valleys until the mid-way of the mountains, above it is again tropical rain forest. The district is divided into several small and big National Parks, like the Khao Sok, Lamru-, Sri Phang Nga- or the Ao Phang Nga-Marine National Park.

Within the nearest surrounding of Khao Lak you can find several waterfalls, like the Sai Rung or even the Rainbow waterfall, Chong Fa-, Ton Pring-, Lampi-, Tong Prai waterfall. These waterfalls have enough water during the period of May to November, but during the rest of the year they have less water in fact of the missing rain.
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