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Caribbean, Necker Island - Watch the video

Hire Necker Island 20 Most Relaxing Places In The World

Necker Island is a tiny island within the set of Virgin Islands in the Caribbean; the islands are still British owned and there are very few tourists (if any) which visit the surrounding areas. Necker Island is no different, it is indeed British owned but rather than it being owned by the government it is actually owned by ...
... Richard Branson, the well-known, liked and respected entrepreneur. Richard Branson now uses the island as his own private getaway from time to time but you can hire the whole island including the staff for a hefty sum. With the exclusive hire of the island you get the most peaceful holiday you could imagine with no one else but yourself and your group as the only inhabitants whilst you stay there. This really is a once in a lifetime trip if you get the chance to go.
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