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Egypt, Giza - Watch the video

Several pyramids and the Great Sphinx are located on the desert plateau marking the boundary of Giza, a suburb of Cairo. In Egyptian the site is known as "El-Ahram" (the pyramids).

Numerous attempts have been made to give supernatural powers and meanings to these structures but they are beleived by scholars to be nothing more than tombs. Of course it is interesting to speculate as to other meanings to these structures.

The specific purpose of these pyramids was to ...
... provide a place and means by which the dead Pharaoh would rise to the sky and join with the sun. The pyramid was also beleived to be the mineral concentration of the suns rays of light.

Another Very Weak Hypothesis is that the Pyramids and the Nile represent Orion and the Milky Way; thus focusing the strength and power of heaven to Egypt.

The best known pyramids are the tombs of the 3rd and 4th Dynasty Pharaohs: (the largest) Khufu, Cheops in Greek; Khafre, Chephren in Greek; and Menkaure, Mycerinus in Latin. Also, of course, there is the Great Sphinx.
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