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In honor of International Mountain Day, I present you with the highest spot in Greece, Mount Olympos with an elevation of 2,918 m.

The peak in this view is known as the throne of Zeus (also called Stefani for those with less respect for Greek mythology). It is a glacial arete, arcuate in shape, formed by the scouring of the mountain on both sides by ice pack some 12,000 years ago. 

The “Throne” is a ...
comfy near-kilometer in length and just about 100 meters thick. This and the neighboring glacial horn of Mitikas (the actual highest point in Greece) stand above the Plateau of the Muses (~2300m) so that these glacial peaks themselves have topographic relief of around 500 meters and essentially are mountains on top of a mountain. Impressive glacial cirques are seen below the peaks both west and east. 

I invite you to explore Olympos on this celebration of mountains day: since it’s a bit cold and snowy up there now, try exploring it on Google Earth: 40deg 05.350’N; 22deg 21.500. 

For those who love glacial topography, I warn you that you might lose track of time exploring this mythic peak. Just relax next to Zeus on his throne, and put your feet up…

Annie R.
Photo by Anna Batsi
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