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CORFU - KERKIRA, Greece - watch the video

Of the Ionian islands Corfu must be the Jewel in the crown, the Northern most Island, the Corfu weather forecast is characterised by relatively mild weather with a lot of rain in the winter.

The summer is relatively cool and the temperature seldom rises above 39°. 

The winter ...
rains are what makes Corfu one of the greenest of the Greek Islands. Car Hire Corfu Airport will be helpful to round this beautiful island.

The Corfu Weather is why since Victorian times the island has attracted British holiday makers to the island. Believe it or not there is even a Cricket Field in the centre of Corfu Town. Seduced by the climate, the beautiful beaches and landscape many people are seeking that second or retirement home in Corfu. One of Britain's famous naturalists Gerald Durrell lived on Corfu.

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