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In Cuba, holidays have that ‘something special’ that sets them apart. The Caribbean's biggest island offers all the pleasures we associate with this part of the world: sun, sea, sand and a laid-back vibe - but with a difference.
For Cuba's extraordinary history, its years of self-sufficiency and its unique Afro-Latin culture make for a holiday destination that's like nowhere else on earth.

Cuba holidays offer you a ...
very different take on life. How do those 1950s American cars keep going, you'll ask yourself. How come the shop that was empty on Tuesday is full today? Life has a random edge to it that will probably be like nothing you have experienced before, but adopt that essential laid-back attitude, light up a Havana cigar, order a rum cocktail and that special Cuban vibe will get under your skin.

You'll also be totally enchanted by the beautiful colonial buildings and romantically faded grandeur of the capital, Havana. Holidays here provide a chance to take in some of the best Spanish colonial architecture in the Americas, much of it untouched since it was built! Wander down the quaint street Calle Obispo to admire the old-fashioned shop windows and tiny cafés. This leads to Plaza de Armas with its fine old buildings. Don't forget to visit Castillo de la Punta and Castillo de la Real Fuerza - Cuba's oldest building.

After all this culture you'll probably need a break, and where better than the island's famed beach destination - Varadero, famous for its unspoiled white sands and crystal-clear waters. Alternatively you can escape to relax on the beautiful, untouched island of Cayo Santa Maria or snorkel through the fantastic corals and reefs off Guardalavaca. If you're looking for an all inclusive holiday, Cuba is a fabulous destination. A growing number of resorts here offer all-inclusive packages - and these are Caribbean all-inclusive experiences with a difference too. Because the island is largely self-sufficient, you can sample truly local food and drink, rather than the international brands we're so used to.

You can't possibly have escaped the worldwide salsa craze, and in Cuba you can experience that wonderful music to the max. Come and sample it all, immersing yourself in the spirit of Cuba - drink the rum, smoke the cigars, dance the salsa and live 'la vida dulce'!
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